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Chicago Bears

This week, three defensive linemen from the Chicago Bears are traveling through Nigeria. Israel Idonije, Adewale Ogunleye and Tommie Harris will hand out college scholarships, conduct football camps and restock medical clinics while on a mission to the African country.

All three players are heavily involved in charitable efforts and most involve children. Idonije and Ogunleye both are of Nigerian descent, so the fit is perfect with this visit. “We do a lot of community work in [the United States], but that’s where our parents are from,” Ogunleye said. “We’ve talked about the sacrifices they made being in that part of the world. I feel like it’s my duty to give back.” Harris, however, is not of Nigerian descent, but is a big supporter of the cause and giving back to efforts throughout the world. Harris traveled to South Africa prior to visiting Nigeria to support an event benefiting a local orphanage. 

With as much charity work that’s done locally, it’s great to see these athletes give back to other parts of the world.

Bears Care, the charitable arm of the Chicago Bears, can be found here: