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Zdeno Chara

Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins defended his title as owner of the NHL’s hardest slapshot during this year’s NHL All Star Game’s weekend festivities. During the television broadcast, Chara sported a yellow stocking cap supporting the international charity Right to Play. Chara got all participants in the competition, along with their teams and the NHL to donate $24,000 to the charity of the winner of the hardest slapshot.

This won’t be the largest fundraiser that we talk about on Charitable Athletes, but it’s impressive because of the scope and Chara’s passion to increase the fundraising for Right To Play. Chara worked closely with the Deputy Director of Right to Play, Mark Brender, to find the hat to wear during the competition. The hat was featured brightly during TV coverage on Versus. The impressive part about this is that Chara could have just donated his time or money to Right To Play, but he decided to get more players involved and requested to wear the hat that night.

Brender made a great comment that sums up a lot of what we are looking for on this blog in regards to Chara’s involvement in Right To Play, “It gives us so much credibility. A lot of times when pro athletes lend their name to a cause, it’s really just in-and-out. But when a guy like (Chara) gets involved he is so committed that he gives us credibility when we say that we have athlete ambassadors.” Athletes like Chara are the role models that many of us expect from professional athletes. We should be encouraging kids to look up to the Zdeno Chara’s and Lance Armstrong’s of the sporting world!

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