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Edmonton Oilers

Today, the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation announced a special St. Patrick’s Day Puck Surprise Online Auction. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Make A Wish Foundation of Northern Alberta, Rainbow Society of Alberta and the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation. The online auction consists of 65 unique items including game worn jerseys, equipment, sticks and other autographed items. Along with the online auction, fans at tonight’s Oilers game can purchase autographed pucks for $20 with hopes that one puck signed by each player will be signed in gold ink. If the luck of the Irish is on the side of that fan and the puck is signed in gold, he or she will walk away with a hockey stick autographed by the entire team.

These auctions (both online and during games) are a great way for teams to raise money for their Foundations and Foundation partners with little effort. Fans are always eager for autographs, so these simple fundraisers that cost very little to do are an excellent way to bring awareness to a cause and to give fans of all ages and incomes the opportunity to get involved. More and more teams are having similar auctions, and it’s a trend that helps a lot of people who rely directly on the foundations involved.

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Lance Armstrong


The Lance Armstrong Foundation

Everyone has seen one or worn one, the yellow Livestrong wristbands. An amazingly simple and brilliant marketing and fundraising tool Lance Armstrong has created to benefit his Foundation, the Lance Armstrong Foundation ( To date, over $70 million has been raised through sales of these little wristbands. 

Lance Armstrong is not only a model athlete, but a model philanthropist for his creation and work with his own foundation. He has used his story and fame to create one of the most recognizable foundation’s in the country.  If you haven’t already been there I highly encourage you to visit the foundation’s website. It is not only a place to find out more about Lance’s story, but there are message boards, stories, clinical trials and blogs for cancer patients and survivors from around the world. For those battling with cancer, or know somebody who is, it can be a great resource to help understand what others are going through and what the foundation is doing to help.  It’s truly a great resource for those battling the disease. 

Since the explosion of the popularity of the wristbands, Lance Armstrong has also taken advantage of his corporate sponsorships to create even more awareness for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This marketing strategy has given fans and followers the ability to financially support the foundation through other avenues. And, it creates great brand affinity for those sponsors supporting Lance and the Foundation. These sponsorships are great win-win partnerships for both the athlete and the sponsor. Just last week, Nike and Lance Armstrong announced a new traveling art exhibition called “Stages”.  The exhibition will travel to cities across the world with the sale of the artwork benefitting the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Afterall, if not for the success of the marketing plan and sponsorships, the Foundation wouldn’t have the success it has had in gaining awareness and dollars in its fight against cancer.

Lance Armstrong has created and continues to grow a wonderfully successful foundation through wristband sales, sponsorships and local events. Let’s hope that the foundation continues to grow and that Lance can continue to use his fame to raise funds to battle the disease that has touched all of us.

It would seem silly to not have the first real post of this blog to not focus on the Lance Armstrong Foundation despite the future goal to focus on athletes in the four major professional sports. There are many others that have the ability and fame to do what Lance has done. Future posts will focus on all of the good that these athletes do for charitable organizations. Let’s just hope we can find another story like the Lance Armstrong Foundation.